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Active communication at the „Point of Fly“

In order for advertisement to be successful, it must be eye-catching and be experienced in its entirety. This is where the problem lies: The desired target group usually has little or no time to completely perceive the message which is to be conveyed by most advertising media.

You therefore usually find successful advertisement on advertisement media which are a) extraordinary, b) can be used exclusively and c) have been specifically selected for the target group. The baggage claim carousel at the airport is such a medium: On a daily basis an endless number of economically highly educated business and private passengers await their luggage. Good-humoured, relaxed and open – and standing in front of an active medium.
You have read correctly: Our unique technology transforms any airport baggage carousel into a high quality active medium.
  • A new kind of medium that attracts attention where you least expect it.
  • An uncommon medium that can „tell stories“ over a length of approx. 60 m.
  • An interactive medium capable of integrating a flight guests´ luggage.

The Bluetooth-baggage carousel

Let´s take it one step further: Why not combine cell phone and AGM technologies? Think of the possibilities.

Imagine the following sweepstakes: An attractive and highly detailed picture puzzle can be found on the baggage carousel. Flight guests can download questions pertaining to the puzzle via bluetooth. Downloading and answering the questions takes a certain amount of time; and the baggage carousel, with its waiting period of between 15-20 minutes, offers the perfect platform therefore.

Each participant sends his/her answers via text message to the particular company. This would even allow for the prize to be sent to the cell phone in the form of a barcode-voucher.

Das Bluetooth-Gepäckband
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