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Eye-catching advertisement without wastage

An airport, as a gateway to the world, offers every advertiser a wide range of opportunities for successful communication. It is the meeting point of financially strong target groups from around the world – from business-flyers to long-range travellers. The question is: How can one address a certain target group – what is the best possible way to select between visitors and travellers?

Simple: By placing the advert in the arrivals hall - between gangway and customs control. This is where the baggage carousel offers unique possibilities: All travelling personnel who have handed in their luggagge surge towards „their“ baggage carousel and wait for up to 20 minutes, thankful for any form of distraction.
In short: The baggage carousel gives you the opportunity of repeatedly attracting the exclusive attention of an entire flight. Furthermore, the AGM allows you to address the passengers in an original, innovative and high-class way.

The best thing is: Thanks to our special method, we are also able to laminate baggage carousels over short periods of time – e.g. in the forefront of important exhibitions or as preparation to summer holiday specials.


Advantage overview

  • Innovative active mediu
  • A higher freedom of design due to complete lamination
  • Exclusive access to interesting target groups
  • Average waiting period at baggage carousel of about 15-20 minutes
  • Short-term booking – economic minimum: 3 months
  • High degree of flexibility – individual segments can be re-laminated at any time
  • No technical changes necessary at the baggage carousel
  • Cleaning and maintenance of laminated segments on a regular basis through AGM
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