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PatentEveryone knows the situation: A happy landing, transfer to the terminal, pick up luggage. Then a wait of at least 15-20 minutes at the baggage claim for luggage or other cases. To put it more clearly: You´re staring at the carousel waiting – receptible and thankful for any kind of entertainment.

This situation can be used more effectively: With AGM, you are able to transform a dull and lifeless baggage carousel into a high quality advertisement medium – completely laminated, eventful and emotional at the same time. And above all: A medium which will help you in exclusively gaining your target groups attention. Attention guaranteed.

The principle

Every single baggage carousel segment is pasted with a unique combination of protective and backing film. This guarantees that your advertisement will hold, even on mechanically heavily stressed baggage carousels.
Further information

The advantages

  • Innovative, eventful medium
  • Access to interesting target groups
  • Very little wastage
  • A higher freedom of design through complete lamination
  • High degree of flexibility – segments can be re-laminated at any time

Jaws (in a suitcase)

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This short film gives you the opportunity of experiencing the quality and ductility of our technology live..
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New project

A new project is realized by AGM Service & Solutions GmbH at Frankfurt Airport, together with Casino Bad Homburg. In its 175-year history, the company from the spa town constantly builds on fresh ideas and influences to inspire its guests. This concept is still maintained, even in the marketing sector. Here, in its anniversary year, the Spielbank relies on the innovative technology of AGM Solution & Service GmbH.


The company from Bad Homburg takes advantage of the airport's luggage tapes and their optical possibilities. The 281 lamellae of the strip are glued by the AGM with their unique and recently patented multilayer film, resulting in an impressive overall appearance. In the style of a casino, this is a revolving roulette bowl. As a circular and moving medium, the band holds the ideal conditions for this motif.

For all passengers, waiting for their luggage at the belt, it is very easy to associate the roulette design with a casino. Thanks to the high passenger volume at the largest German airport, the luggage belts also offer an optimal advertising platform.

Since mid-April, the uniquely designed baggage transport belt is in action. The project was presented to the public on Monday, April 18th, 2016 during a press conference directly at the luggage belt.

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